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It is very well known that the big team of the upcoming magnum opus Sangamithra, directed by Sundar C, is present at Cannes 2017 to launch the film on a resplendent scale. Along with the director, music composer AR Rahman, Jayam Ravi, Arya, and Shruthi Haasan also made sure they were there. Murali Ramaswamy and Hema Rukmini from Thenandal Films, who are bankrolling this mega budget project was also a part of the team making a grand appearance at Cannes.


While giving an interview, AR Rahman was asked about the effect of Baahubali on the film industry in India, and he had an interesting answer to it. He said, ''I'll tell you about Baahubali. Even before Baahubali, Shekar Kapur wanted to make this film called Paani. He predicted this same thing around 7-8 years back. He kept trying, but then it slipped out. Then Kochadaiyaan could have been the Baahubali, but the animation and CG went wrong. So, it is not like Baahubali is the first one, there were many attempts, but they were failed attempts. The belief is right, but the steps were wrong. The Baahubali team is very lucky, they're very talented, and they are very nice people.''


The master composer also spoke about how Indian culture has a unique place in the world. Will Sangamitra follow the right steps and make a mark in the industry? Let us wait and watch!


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