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Rishi Kapoor’s tweet after watching Baahubali.

All Baahubali fans are mesmerized by the grandeur of the film. There are definitely some takeaway and personal attachment to the fans after watching Baahubali. Rishi Kapoor, yesteryear's superstar after watching Baahubali confessed what he wants the most. He tweeted. 'Seeing Bahubali 2 now. Interval. Chat later about the film. I want to know where has this film been shot? I want a 2 BHK there! Any agent?'.


This is really funny, isn't it? But, hold on..that's not a bad place to live! A flat at Magizhmadhi, in the beautiful palace, that is just WOW..right?


'Tweet not spell-checked'

Rishi Kapoor’s tweet after watching Baahubali.

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