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Here we bring you the best happenings of Kollywood from the just passed week


Superstar Rajinikanth met his fans this morning at his  Raghavendra Mandapam, Chennai for a photo session and an interaction. During his speech at the fans meet, Rajinikanth hinted that if there is a need to enter politics, he might.


He said, "Due to situations, I supported a political party a few years back, and that party won the elections. Ever since that accident, I have always been asked about by many people about my entry into politics. Even many of my fans request me to join.


I want to make things clear. Many of the politicians here, want to make money, as now they have made politics into a business. I want to keep my body healthy and fit, and my heart with full of positivity. God only takes my life forward. He wanted me to be an entertainer and hence now I am entertaining people as an actor. More than money or anything else, I want to entertain them and make them happy.


So, for those people who are interested in seeing me in politics, you might be disappointed if I don't enter. But, in future, if God wants me to be in politics, I might enter, but all those negative minded people, who just want to make money through politics, please stay away. I will definitely not allow you or entertain you to make money. Stay away."


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