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We had seen Alphonse Puthren stating that he has a nice script for Prabhas and Allu Arjun and added that he'd love to work with them. Likewise, when one Ajith fan asked the Premam director if he will be interested in working with Thala, Alphonse shared a nostalgic incident through his reply.


He replied to the fan's question by saying, "I remember me and my friend IB Karthikeyan waiting for 3 hours in front of #Thala Ajith Kumar's home ....nine to ten years ago when I was studying in S.A.E college Nungambakkam.


Couldn't meet him then nor till now. The wait might be for the best film...I'll wait till the Neram comes in my life to do a film with him. May be I have to prepare more as a director to deal a great actor like him.


That story which I wrote was not that interesting after I saw the film called "Once upon a Time in America" A Sergio Leone film. My story was the most horrible version of that film :D . So I chucked the Idea. :D. And the title was " Aappu" - 100 percent return guarantee."


It would be interesting to see an uber cool director like Alphonse collaborating with Thala Ajith for a refreshingly new film. Let us hope that it happens in the near future.


*Alphonse's post is not spell-checked


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