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Dhoom 3's record-shattering opening weekend - The Details
Published Date:
Dec 23, 2013

Dhoom 3 has been on a record shattering spree as expected, from Day 1.The film has literally taken the entire world by storm and on its first day, the movie netted 36.22 crores in India and 20.20 crores in overseas markets. The Indian net is inclusive of the film's Tamil and Telugu versions as well. This first day business is the highest by far for any Bollywood film (beating Chennai Express' 33.10 crores net). The first day's worldwide total of 56 crores plus, is another record for an Indian film.

On its second day, Dhoom 3 managed to net 33.36 crores inclusive of the Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions. Yesterday, the first Sunday, the film surpassed its first day total and set a new record for the highest single day business by netting 38.03 crores inclusive of the Tamil and Telugu versions. At the end of the first weekend, Dhoom 3's domestic business stands at 107.61 crores, with the Hindi version contributing 100.76 crores and the Tamil, Telugu versions pitching in 6.85 crores. These figures have set a new benchmark for the industry and with the Christmas and New Year holidays around the corner, Dhoom 3 is easily expected to breach the 200 crores mark for domestic collections. Whether the film will become the first member of the 300 crores club is a matter of interest for the film trade.

Aamir Khan's Ghajini became the first Hindi film to breach the 100 crores mark when it released for Christmas 2008 and his 3 Idiots became the first Hindi film to cross the 200 crores mark when it released for Christmas 2009. Now will he lead the way into the 300 crores club too, with his Christmas 2013 release? We have to wait and watch.

In overseas markets such as USA-Canada, UAE, Australia and UK, new benchmarks have been set by Dhoom 3 and the film is raking in the moolah like never before. Each day in the first weekend grossed in excess of 1 million USD in the USA-Canada circuit and at the end of the first weekend, Dhoom 3 has grossed 3.3 million USD (20 crores plus)

More figures will be updated in the coming days

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