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Amy Jackson becomes 'Maniammal' for Shankar
Published Date: Oct 24, 2013

Amy Jackson is set to make a big splash with Shankar's I (Ai). Her character in the movie is called Diya and she is mighty excited about the movie. In an exclusive chat with Behindwoods, she revealed more

"It has been really inspiring, humbling and motivating to share the screen space with Vikram. He keeps pushing the boundaries and has gone through so many physical changes for the movie. I can't maintain my diet for even a week but Vikram's efforts are immense.

I can't reveal much about the movie's plot but this character Diya, is very close to my heart. I have 6 songs in the movie, composed by magician A.R.Rahman. There are some fabulous costumes and awesome choreography. I am very fortunate to get this meaty role which offers plenty of acting scope to me.

I have shot for 18 months with this crew and we have all grown very close, like a family. We shot for 2 challenging months in China and the weather extremes in the country are marked. The language barrier in the country is also huge.

Shankar Sir used to lightheartedly call me 'Maniammal' on the sets as he wanted me to get into the character of the Tamil girl that I am playing in the movie. (Does this hint that she has dual roles in the movie as Diya and Maniammal?)

P.C.Sreeram is 'God' behind the camera and a few of my pics that he has tweeted are my all-time favorites. His lighting sense is out of the world and his shots are picture perfect."



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