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Production: Vishal Cast: Vishal Direction: Muthiah Screenplay: Muthiah Story: Muthiah Music: Imman Background score: Imman Cinematography: Velraj

Maruthu is an upcoming entertainer starring Vishal and Sri Divya in lead roles.Music for the film is composed by D.Imman.

Singer: Jinesh Prabhu
Lyrics: Yugabharati

The quirky album begins on an aggressive note which is high on percussion and hence the energy levels strike hard in the prelude itself.  Jinesh’s powerful vocals set the mood perfectly for an inquisitively impressive dance number. The funky nadaswaram answers the vocals in a timely manner giving it a conversational outlook.  The interludes have the realms of Raaga Shanmukhapriya which effortlessly touch the shades of Nata Bhairavi as well.

Othasada Rosa
Singers: Sai Saran, AV Pooja
Lyrics: Yugabharati

The pace is effectively sustained with another peppy number supported well by folk rhythm section and breezy vocals by Sai Saran and AV Pooja.  Imman turns to his favourite raga scale Nata Bhairavi once again for this number which strikes the bull’s eye in style and poise. Sai Saran’s sultry vocals do the job with such brilliant ease and perfection! The interludes are intermingled with eeriness and breathtaking melodic touch. 

Karuvakaatu Karuvaya
Singers: Vandana Srinivasan, Jithin Jeyamurti
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

A riveting melody with amazing chord progression arrives in the so called Imman style next. Vandana Srinivasan does a commendable job in churning out a soul stirring rendition. The bass work reminds the listener of Maestro Ilaiyaraaja’s folk numbers from the 80s. The rustic percussion coupled with folk violin is indeed a brilliant experiment. A very special mention should be made for Vairamuthu’s simple yet poetic lyrics.  Watch out for those haunting arpeggios which support the vocals so masterfully.

Akka Petha Jakkavandi 
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, Niranjana Ramanan
Lyrics: Yugabharati

The quirkiness is back with a light hearted folk number sung impressively by Anirudh Ravichander and Niranjana. The song presents the breeziness and tantalizing aspects of a folk melody in perfect balance and style. However, the song demands more experimentation and change over points as it has good scope.

Marudhu Marudhu

The album hits the much needed finale in high voltage intensity with this sultry instrumental number.  Carnatic Raaga Shanmukhapriya gets in folk flow for this composition high on energy levels.  Nevertheless, the track could have had more fusion aspects to make it even more enjoyable.

Verdict: Maruthu is a fair album from D.Imman which is in forefront with folk melodies. However, the album lacks freshness or novel experimentation.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Marudhu (aka) Maruthu

Marudhu (aka) Maruthu is a Tamil movie with production by Vishal, direction by Muthiah, cinematography by Velraj. The cast of Marudhu (aka) Maruthu includes Vishal.