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Production: Dream Warrior Pictures Cast: Guru Somasundharam Direction: Raju Murugan Screenplay: Raju Murugan Story: Raju Murugan Music: Sean Roldan Background score: Sean Roldan Cinematography: Chezhiyan Dialogues: Raju Murugan Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi

Joker is an upcoming social satirical film starring Guru Somasundaram and Ramya Pandian in lead roles.  Music for the film is composed by Sean Roldan and directed by Raju Murugan of Cuckoo fame.

Ennanga Sir Unga Sattam
Singers : Arandhai Bava, K Perumal
Lyrics:Yuga Bharathi

The laid back album begins in unique bygone style with lazy piano and Spanish style percussions. Interestingly, the lead vocals speak about the social injustice in the so called Tamil folk ambience. The riveting saxophone gives the song a contemporary touch as well. Watch out for the fantastic Spanish guitar touches which is a real treat! A surefire winner!

Ola Ola Kudisayila
Singers: Murugavel, Karthika Vaidyanathan
Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi

A breathtaking duet arrives in almost a jiffy with mesmerizing classicism. Though the song begins in a fantastic prelude with Raaga Keeravani, the song touches the contrasting realms of other ragas as well. Murugavel scores an edge with his unpretentious vocalsover Karthika’s sweet vocals. The song is like a musical confrontation between hope and despair. A modern masterpiece for the musical ears!

Jasmine –U
Singer: Sundarayyar
Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi

It is time for a frivolous solo which makes things light hearted and enjoyable. Sundarayyar does a fantastic job rendering this free style number with amazing guitar strums, harmonica and competitive interludes. Despite the essence of 90s Tamil folk numbers, the song retains its individuality in every respect with fantastic impact. A very special mention should be made for the tricky yet funky lyrics by Yuga Bharathi.

Singers: K Peumal, Sean Roldan, M Lalitha Sudha
Lyrics: Ramesh Vaidya

The album just gets better with a timely Tamil-Hindi fusion number which speaks of sadness and heavy heart in the so called Sean Roldan style. M.Lalitha Sudha’s slightly nasal vocals set the mood more than perfectly. Ramesh Vaidya’s lyrics oscillate musically between Tamil folk and yearning feeling in Hindi! The song speaks of a better day in the future with its own misgivings on the present sad state of mind!

Halla Bol
Singers: Sean Roldan, Kalyani Nair ,Yuga Bharathi
Lyrics: Sean Roldan

Sean Roldan explores the best of trance and road style music with this stupendous number sung by the melodious Kalyani Nair. The rhythm section is paced and at the same time mellowed. Despite the modern flavours, the song has multiple philosophical layers which are even more enjoyable!

Mannar Mannan Theme
Singer : Rani
Lyrics Sean Roldan

The album strikes a confident finale with a quirky and brilliant theme track with satirical take on life. The Jazzy piano touches, live drumming and every treble move makes sure this satire effect comes into being. Watch out for the Jazzy piano solo which makes every attempt to speak to listener in so-called musical language!

Verdict: The album is like a thought provoking musical journey with its own take on satires and the incomplete aspects of life!
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Joker (aka) Joker

Joker (aka) Joker is a Tamil movie with production by Dream Warrior Pictures, direction by Raju Murugan, cinematography by Chezhiyan. The cast of Joker (aka) Joker includes Guru Somasundharam.