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Meagaamann is almost over !

Meagaamann is READY !

Oct 25, 2014
Though the Deepavali wave is way out of proportions to be suppressed for now, Kollywood is definitely happy about the growing box-office prospect and its time to go into the promising future. Magizh Thirumeni directed, Arya-Hansika starer Meagaamann is nearing completion. 
More from the team is, the rerecording and VFX will go in full-swing and almost the full film is edited except for a song that has to be given final touches. Producers have watched the movie and are believed to be extremely happy about the output.
Direction team promises to give the final product by 2nd week of November and the rest is in the hands of the makers to release the film as soon as possible. All the best Meagaamann.  


Meagaamann is almost over !

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