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Production: Vijay Bhargavi Films Cast: Ranya Rao, Vikram Prabhu Direction: GNR.Kumaravelan Screenplay: GNR.Kumaravelan Story: GNR.Kumaravelan Music: D Imman Background score: D Imman

Wagah is an upcoming Tamil film starring Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by D Imman

Solladhan Ninaikkiren
Singers: D.Imman,Divya Kumar
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

A nostalgic number loosely based on Hindustani Raaga Yaman Kalyani and Pahaadi graces the album in style.  The peculiar chord progression is strongly supported by harmonica, rhythm section and captivating guitar strums. The song is like a trip to Himalayan mountains in the so called musical impact! D Imman’s sultry voice is another biggest asset for this number.

Yedho Maayam Seigirai
Singers: Jithin Raj, Vikram Prabhu
Lyrics: Mohan Raj

The album explores the poetic side with brilliant lyrics by Mohan Raj for this feel good melody.  Composed in Western minor scale, the song oscillates between Raaga Keeravani with delicate touches of Kaapi as well in Spanish rumba style. The catchy tune is quite hummable and also has the riveting ballad feel throughout. The interludes are laced impressively in the so-called Imman melodious signature!

Aasai Kaadhal Aaruyirae
Singer: Vandhana Srinivasan
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

The breeziness continues with another wonderful solo this time from Vandhana Srinivasan. The realms of Carnatic Raaga Nata Bhairavi are explored with the Indian fervor. The song slowly reaches a stupendous crescendo with rhythm in the right places throughout. The interludes are mesmerizing and impactful with perfect string arrangements which carry a feeling of eerie anticipation.

Aaniye Pudunga Venadaa
Singer: Shenbagaraj
Lyrics: Anuraja Kamaraj

On the contrary, the album transforms to contemporary mode with a Hip-Hop dance number supported by Tamil folk lead vocals. However, the song has little to experiment or explore in terms of changeovers.  Shenbagaraj’s powerful vocals sustain the energy levels throughout. A special mention should be made for the effervescent trumpets in the interludes!

Love for Our Nation
Lyric: Mohan Raj

A beautiful theme music paves the way for a fitting finale supported by Far East Flute and the entire orchestration is simple and to the point. The grand piano touches with mild treble act like a passive energy booster for this track. The sweet chants in between gives it a New Age theme track effect. The track also has the multiple shades which speak of confrontation, struggle and unnerved hope.

Verdict: Wagah is a decent album from D Imman and has its right dose of melodies and paced numbers. However, like in all Imman albums, the melodies get an extra edge!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Wagah (aka) Wagah

Wagah (aka) Wagah is a Tamil movie with production by Vijay Bhargavi Films, direction by GNR.Kumaravelan. The cast of Wagah (aka) Wagah includes Ranya Rao, Vikram Prabhu.