Production: T.Siva | Cast: Anandhi, Nikki Galrani | Direction: M Rajesh | Screenplay: M Rajesh | Story: M Rajesh | Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan | Editing: Vivek Harshan



Review By : Behindwoods Review Board Release Date : Nov 18,2016
Movie Run Time : 2 hours 20 minutes Censor Rating : U

Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru, the sixth directorial venture of SMS director Rajesh is out! Virgin boys hero G.V.Prakash has joined hands with this comedy specialist director for the first time. Has the new combination clicked well? Well, read on to know...

Kumar (G.V.Prakash), along with his friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) goes on a road trip to Pondicherry for a bachelor’s party, as he is all set to get married to Priya (Nikki) in the next two days. The consequences that Kumar and Balaji face on the course of their road trip form the basic plotline of the movie.

When you go to the theatre knowing that you are going to watch a Rajesh's film, you tend to carry some expectations thinking that the film would be entertaining and engaging. But what you happen to see on screen might be a bit disappointing. The movie starts with a Vijay reference (Pokkiri Pongal song) and there are quite a lot of Thala - Thalapathy references which look unnecessary. The film has an ensemble cast of RJ Balaji, Robo Shankar, Singam Puli, M.S.Bhaskar, Oorvasi, Motta Rajendran to take care of humor, but you do not seem to enjoy the so-called humor scenes. 

The song placements have a major impact on the flow of the movie, and every song seems to be forcibly fitted, especially the Gum Zaare and Iravinil Aattam number, tests our patience. The film takes a detour into the horror genre for some ten minutes which looks unwanted and bizarre. There are few dialogues about Hindu-Christianity religion, which, a section of the audience might find offensive.The film has very few really good laughter moments. It has quite a lot of spoof portions of popular theatre ads and television reality shows.

G.V.Prakash’s performance is decent and his mannerisms and dialogue delivery are good. RJ Balaji is a relief in most places and entertains with his comic one-liners. It is disheartening to see a performer like Prakash Raj being wasted in a very weak role. Robo Shankar and Singam Puli have done their part well. Nikki Galrani has nothing big to offer, while Anandhi could have been a little better. Her lip sync is an issue at few places.

On the technical side, Sakthi Saravanan's visuals look a bit bleached in the highway scenes. G.V.Prakash's songs are decent but, his background score doesn't make a big impact. Rajesh's films are always known for his comedy, but KIK is a letdown in that way. The comedy scenes do not evoke any laughter, but he can be applauded for a few good one-liners. On the whole, he has followed his signature template, which looks very much usual and ordinary.

Verdict: KIK is a templated comedy drama heavily dependent on RJ Balaji.
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Review by : Behindwoods Review Board Album Release Date : Oct 26,2016

Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru is an upcoming comedy film starring G.V.Prakash Kumar and Nikki Galrani in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by G.V.Prakash.

Gum Zaare 

Singers: G.V. Prakash Kumar, Al Rufian, Maalavika Sundar
Lyrics : Na Muthukumar

A peppy number with the interesting fusioN of Punjabi beats and Tamil folk paves the beginnings of this album. The repetitive chants and linear rhythm make it a regular listen offering less scope for experimentation. The interludes have additional percussion layers and digital loops. The song has the flavors of Carnatic Raga Abheri tossed in modern essence.

Hey Pathu Podi 

Singer: G.V.Prakash
Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar

A conversational number sung by G.V.Prakash himself arrives next. The peppy lyrics suit the likings of the younger generation for its casual approach. The dew drop acoustic guitar strums and foot tapping rhythm does the job well.  The usage of Harmonica in the midst of Hip-Hop fervor is somewhat experimental and fun to hear.

Iravinil Aattam

Singers: Gana Bala, Kovai Sarala
Lyrics : Na Muthukumar

The album takes turns with a horror track sung by the folk king Gana Bala in the midst of eerie electric guitar and ominous rhythm section. Kovai Sarala’s scary vocals fuse effectively with Gana Bala’s sultry rendition. The song has a nostalgic appeal of the 70s blended with modern sounds and live drumming. Watch out for the passionate electric guitar crescendo in the first interlude. G.V.Prakash does a neat experimentation in Raga Shivaranjani which goes to no man’s land in halfway.

Locality Boys

Music by
: Bobo Sashi, Karunas
Singers: G.V.Prakash,Ken, Grace
Lyrics : K R Dharran,Karunas

A paced up number with folk rhythm and peppy lyrics arrives in a jiffy next. The song has less scope for experimentation or something new to look for. The electric guitars are fun to hear but they move much to backstage after a while. The interludes are insipid and pale as well. In short, the song lacks the additional punch and mass appeal which is needed for the genre.


Nee Pona Theruvula 

Singers: G V Prakash Kumar,MC Vickey, Vishnupriya Ravi
Lyrics : Na Muthukumar

A typical G.V.Prakash styled melody arrives in the finale with feel good guitar, neat chord progression and pleasant rhythm beats. The vocals are quite breezy and appealing and give the album a melodious fervor. MC Vickey’s Rap portion is quite enjoyable to hear. The velvety guitar solo in the interludes is quite good.


Verdict: Kadavul Irukkan Kumaru is a below average fare from G.V.Prakash which lacks experimentation.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Week : 3
Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 1,58,53,013
Chennai city verdict: Disappointment

Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru (aka) Kadavul Irukaan Kumar

Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru (aka) Kadavul Irukaan Kumar is a Tamil movie with production by T.Siva, direction by M Rajesh, cinematography by Sakthi Saravanan, editing by Vivek Harshan. The cast of Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru (aka) Kadavul Irukaan Kumar includes Anandhi, Nikki Galrani..