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Interview Team : Abhishek Krishnan; Hemananth; Balasaravanan

Debuting into Tamil Cinema through Poriyaalan, Anandhi was spotted by Prabhu Solomon and the young actress gave it her best at the audition to be cast in Kayal. Here is a special interview with the pretty actress by our Behindwoods Correspondent Abhishek Krishnan.


How did Prabhu Solomon find you? Tell us that story.

When I was shooting for Poriyaalan, I met a manager who told me that Prabhu sir is looking for a heroine. A maid girl with simple costumes and no make up. I immediately took a few selfies in my phone and sent it to him. I got a call on the same day. I met him at his office and did an audition. [This would probably be the first ‘selfie’ success story]

Prabhu sir played the “Yengirundhu Vandhaayo” song and asked me to express. He was very serious in the beginning and I was laughing out of nervousness. Sir understood my position and eased me. I managed to perform well after that. I had another audition with the male lead a few days later and then I was selected.

What lines did you speak in your second round of audition?

“Nee paatukku vandha. Pudichirukkunu Sonna. Poyita. Enna Kooteetu Ponamnu thonala illa”.
[She said that with full expressions - I went for two takes]

Your eyes are a major pulling factor. What position in the film industry are you ‘eyeing’ at in the future?

(blush blush) Many people tell me that my eyes look good. But, I don’t think my eyes are great. [Yes, they are not great. They are fabulous] 

I am not sure about what to ‘eye’ at the moment. I will just take projects as they come.

I don’t think my eyes are great.

There are very few movies that has the character name of the female lead as the title. There is Mynaa for Amala Paul, Arundhati for Anushka and now Kayal for Ananthi. See, all names start with A.

(gasps out of surprise) Hey, yeaahh. That’s true. Good one. [I expected very good and 3 stars]

Can you tell us how similar is Ananthi to Kayal? I know both of them are beautiful. But what else?

Ummmmmm…. (thinks) Uhhhhhhhh. (still thinking) We both are innocent.

Prabhu sir told me that I will be playing ‘Kayalvizhi’, and that the title ‘Kayal’ is named after me. I was surprised when I heard that. I think I am very lucky and blessed.

What kind of acting are you most comfortable with? Some people can cry easily, some are great in romance. What comes easily for you?

Laughing is very difficult for me. I can’t laugh in front of many people. [she laughs only off screen]

After Kayal, I have started being comfortable with crying scenes. When Prabhu sir narrates a scene to me, I used to go home and practise, because I had to do different types of crying in different scenes. [Practise also makes a woman perfect]

I can’t laugh in front of many people.

When you signed up for the movie, did you know that there was a Tsunami scene?

No, I did not know anything. I just knew the one dialogue that I spoke in my audition. I came to know about the Tsunami only after I signed up.

 I came to know about the Tsunami only after I signed up.

So how was the Tsunami experience?

It was exciting.

My mom was scared. But I was super duper excited. They built a dam. When Prabhu sir said ‘dam open’, my heart pounded and the water actually hit me hard.

The greatest thing about a Prabhu Solomon movie is its music. What would you like to tell Imman this moment?

I am a big fan of Imman sir. I have listened to Kumki songs at least a thousand times. So much that my dad started asking me why I was listening to the Kumki album over and over again. But, I did not know that Imman had done the music for it.

When I came to know that the same music director was doing this film I was very thrilled.

Producer Madan ? (Escape Artists)

He is cool and very friendly. He supported us a lot. We shot the movie for over two years and Madan sir was very cooperative. He patiently waited for us to complete the movie and did all that he could to help us bring the best output.

I know you can’t reveal much, but what is your role in Visaranai?

It is a cop story. My character is similar to Kayal. But, I have a promotion in it. I will be wearing Churidars. The love portions have come out well.

I really like Vetrimaaran sir. Whenever he is in the sets I feel very comfortable. I have a special fondness for him.

1. Ananthi means 'happy woman'. What makes you happy?

My family.

2. What annoys you?

I don’t get annoyed very much.

3. Do you know how to swim?

No. [... and you say tsunami was exciting]

4. One actor you were crazy about in your childhood days...

Dhanush. [Is it because he swims in the tsunami?]

5. One subject you hated back in school?

I like all subjects. [WHAT??? Not even Mathematics???]

6. So were you a studious student?

Yes, I was an ASPL in 9th standard. Everyone used to get scared of me. [What is the procedure to become an ASPL?]

7. One word about Vetrimaaran...

This is very tough to answer. (thinks) I like Vetrimaaran sir. [#ILikeVetrimaaranSir - Now that’s one word]

8. One word about Prabhu Solomon....

My teacher - God.

9. Whom do you miss the most when you are away from home?

My father and my sister [She is a family gaarl]

10. Do you mug up your dialogues?

No, I understand the meaning. I don’t like mugging up. Even in school I have never mugged up. I even scold my younger sister for mugging up. [Now, this is against our education system]

11. The food that you hate in your diet?

Non vegetarian. [What about paavakkai?]

12. One common compliment you get to hear from people?

That my eyes are good. [super ‘Kannu’]

13. Favourite song in Kayal...

Unna Ippa Paakanum.

14. Entry into Tamil films 

When I was shooting for Green Signal in Telugu, Mani sir saw me in a screen and contacted me through managers. That’s how I am here now.[I see green signals all around you. All the best.]