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Production: Light House Movie Makers Cast: Raashi Khanna, Vishal Direction: Venkat Mohan Screenplay: Venkat Mohan Story: Vakkantham Vamsi Music: Sam C.S Background score: Sam C.S Cinematography: VI Karthik Dialogues: Venkat Mohan Editing: Ruben Art direction: S.S.Moorthy

Vishal’s Ayogya is a cop story about an evil gangster and a devilish Policeman. Karnan and Kalirajan clash with their shortcut methods and criminal minds to get things done their way. Who wins the battle when finally the bad cop turns into a good one?

Vishal as Karnan plays the policeman who executes all mind games, clever plays and he will stop at nothing in his quest to earn more money. For a boy who had nothing growing up, Karnan turns into this guy who never lets anyone treat him without respect and has a huge ego surrounding him ‘much like WiFi’. Kalirajan (Parthiepan) brings this bad cop Karnan into his area with the help of his Minister puppet to let him do all his illegal activities without any problems.

The first half has a proper narration of Karnan’s story that helps us learn his character better. Parthiban as Kalirajan plays an antagonist who will definitely be remembered for his quirks and also for having a character arc that takes a slight detour from our usual villains. KS Ravikumar (Abdul Kader) delivers his best performance as an actor and is a big support to the cast. Karnan’s emotional episodes with MS Bhaskar, KS Ravikumar, although seem like usual templates, get us in the proper direction of the plot. Raashi Khanna as Sindhu and Pooja Devariya as Sandhya come and change the due course of the plot in a nicer way.

The second half gets deeper into the battle and we witness Karnan turn into this good cop because of his guilt and rage. The drama here, in spite of being commercial, has served its purpose. What follows is a series of events that lead to Karnan solving the crime and getting the punishment to the rapists that will forever be remembered. Like how Yogi Babu managed to deliver minor comedy portions in the first half, Santhana Bharathi manages to do his part for humor in the second half in the very limited screen space they get.

Karnan and Kalirajan stand as two criminal minded people fighting for their motives and reason, with rage and power. Their scenes, chemistry and the battle are interesting to watch. There are usual commercial compromises that Ayogya has which include an item song and another song during the pre-climax, the fierce punch dialogues and the fight scene at the end of the first half, but they don’t become huge complaints.

The cast has managed to pull off good performances that help the story. The screenplay takes a hit, here and there, (whenever it serves the unwanted masala portions) but is delivered well finally. The dialogues explain the characters well and have conveyed the rage properly.

VI Karthik's cinematography, Sam CS's music and Ruben's editing have supported the story in every way and has managed to keep the plotline as engaging and interesting. The color tone, background music have sure served the commercial genre, in its flavor. The stunt sequences are powerful and well choreographed by duo Ram-Laxman.

The strengths of the film are the cast, the fair paced screenplay and the strong message at the end. The motive to cast out a judgement, that will scare anyone who thinks about raping or abusing a woman, has come off well. The climax sequence in the court deserves great praise, especially the change Vishal has brought in bravely to a climax of a commercial movie. Huge appreciation to team Ayogya for not following the style of Temper and Simmba in delivering a twisted climax sequence that is not so usual in a commercial film.

Ayogya is a good entertainer that comes with a strong motive and good message for society. Its take on actions against rapists and the interesting clash between Karnan and Kalirajan make Ayogya a good entertaining watch.


Verdict: An unexpected good climax makes Ayogya standout a notch high


3 5 ( 3.0 / 5.0 )






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Ayogya (aka) Ayoghya

Ayogya (aka) Ayoghya is a Tamil movie. Raashi Khanna, Vishal are part of the cast of Ayogya (aka) Ayoghya. The movie is directed by Venkat Mohan. Music is by Sam C.S. Production by Light House Movie Makers, cinematography by VI Karthik, editing by Ruben and art direction by S.S.Moorthy.