Release Date : Aug 10,2013
Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu
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Production: Chennai Cinema India Pvt Ltd
Cast: Bharath, Chandni
Direction: Sasi
Screenplay: Sasi
Story: Sasi
Background score: Simon
Cinematography: Saravanan Abimonyu
Dialogues: Sasi
Editing: Subarak
Stunt choreography: Ravi Srichander
Dance choreography: Swingers Prassana
Singers: BlaZe, Chinmayi, Deepak Doddera, Haricharan, Kalyani, Meghana Dandekar, Preethika Rao, Satya Prakash
Lyrics : Na Muthukumar
PRO: Nikhil Murugan
Distribution: Chennai Cinema India Pvt Ltd

Roja Koottam, Dishyum and Poo, established Sasi as a director with mettle and prowess in story-telling. In Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu (555), he takes on action and suspense elements to weave a romantic tale. The film’s long in the making does not in any way come in the manner it appeals to the audience.

The all pervading emotion of love, when it strikes people, can make them traverse to any length beyond imagination and comprehension. What it does to the protagonist and the antagonist at different levels is all about 555.

Sasi is a master teller when it comes to narrate a story about love and its finer aspects and there would always be a kind of poignancy in them. 555 is no exception. In Arvind Sureshkumar’s story, Sasi has also used a lot of action and suspense to drive home his point. There are adequate twists and turns in the narration to make the audience engrossed in the enterprise.

The mood of the film is set in the opening accident scene right away, shot terrifically by Saravanan Abhimanyu. Sasi spreads his cards on the table one by one, bringing in the characters, their conflicts and resolving them one by one, untangling the knots while on the way to the climax.

The romantic scenes are quite endearingly done and hence the rooting for the lead pair happens quite naturally. The suspense about Bharath, Mrithika and the other characters are presented effectively.  

Bharath, the biggest strong point of the movie, has given his 200%. He dances like a dream and emotes well as a confused lover in search of an answer. His hard work is palpable in every frame and his sculpted body with an eight pack is sure to win him a lot of fans.

Out of the two heroines, Mrithika has a meaty role and the newcomer’s good looks and natural performance get added on to the plus list of the film. The scene when she asks Bharath to foretell about her future husband with a lot of unfeigned innocence is a simple testimony to the actress’s capabilities. Erica Fernandez looks good and delivers the small role that she has been assigned with ease.

Cinema is all about collective work and the entire team of 555 has worked in line with the vision of the director. Under Simon’s music, while Mudhal Mazhai is a breezy lingering number, Vizhiyilae deserves applause for the way it is choreographed and executed. Simon does a neat job with BGM too. The Ezhavu number although differently executed, places a question about its presence.

Saravanan Abhimanyu maneuvers with lights and colors to bring the apt mood of the scene and scores best in songs and action shots. The graphic sequences, be it the opening car crash or a much simpler scene like when the two Bharaths are brought together in the sub-way, are  nicely done.    

Since 555 is not a humor centric film, there is not much scope for lighter moments. Even then Santhanam tries to lighten up the mood with his ‘Genelia’ and ‘Anjali Paappa’ dialogues. For the comedian, it is a different role in 555 and he delivers as usual.

On the flipside, wrong placement of the songs impedes the progress of 555, the perfect example being ‘the rowdy girl’ number. The stereotyped cinematic villain from the north, speaking Tamil in a strange accent continues in 555 which takes away the sheen from the proceedings.

Toting it up, Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu although coming much late, is a neatly done suspense-action drama woven on a romantic base.

Verdict: Brilliant Bharath makes 555 a good enough watch.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )



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