555 will join the likes of Anniyan and Ghajini - Event Story

Apr 15, 2013

The music of Bharath’s 555 (Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu) was launched today by the stalwarts of the industry headed by Shankar. While the ace director released the audio Dhanush received it.

Sasi directs 555 which has music by Simon. Bharath’s incredible physique for this movie has already thrown him into the spotlight along with the unique attention grabbing title of the movie.  

Shankar said that even during the production of Boys, a decade back, Bharath was mature and level-headed compared to the other excitable boys in the unit and that his maturity was evident in his choice of films like Kaadhal.

Shankar was visibly impressed with Bharath’s hard work and effort at such a young age and said that 555 will be along the lines of other memorable action thrillers like Ghajini and Anniyan.

The trailer and songs of 555 earned Shankar’s appreciation and he also had good words to say about director Sasi and his previous movies like Sollamale.

The grandiose director also lauded 555’s producers for being patient over the movie’s long making-time of close to 2 years.

Dhanush said that he made it a point to attend the event as Bharath had attended the audio release of his Mappillai unconditionally and without prior notice. Dhanush was awed by Bharath’s physique and workout regimen. He also said that director Sasi was a good man with many industry friends, something which isn’t easy to acquire in this industry.

He appealed to the producers to market the movie well and release it at an appropriate time as nowadays many movies release at the same time and are also being flushed out soon from theaters due to the intense competition.

Shaam narrated that he wondered about Bharath’s energy, manic rage and intensity levels when they used to work-out in the same gym. Bharath used to train for 3 hours each, in the mornings and evenings, and Shaam said that Bharath had among the best body structures in the country.

Sneha told that Bharath was her good friend and that she actually called him and clarified whether stills of his new beefed-up avatar were morphed or not.

Finally the man of the moment, Bharath, thanked his trainer, Shiva, and said that without his encouragement and words of advice, all this wouldn’t have been possible.

This is a case of sheer effort and hard work by the young actor and he would be hoping that audiences appreciate all his work when 555 releases.



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