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Why theatre owners meeting got cancelled

Why theatre owners meeting got cancelled? Here is an official statement from TFPC's side:

"In the incessant phase of the strike that is happening in Kollywood, where the release of new movies has been stalled, it looks like favourable – sorry – Truthful situation is all showing up now. In view of the demands and norms placed by Tamil Film Producers Council over the theatres and DSPs happening on full swing, Theatre Owners Association had decided together for a meeting to show their substantial unity in posing back some strong resentment.

The meeting was supposed to happen this evening around 5 p.m. But to everyone’s shock and of course, a Twist in tale, the meeting got cancelled. The reasons remained under wraps and we tried reaching a close source that revealed the fact. It seems that many theatres based area wise started visiting Tamil Film Producers Council to bring an amicable situation. Well, this didn’t get well with the office bearers of Theatres Owners Association in Tamil Nadu, which gave no option but to cancel out the meeting. It is worth mentioning that this is not about dispelling unity, but some theatre owners understanding the reality.

It is noteworthy that producers of many movies have deliberately got more platforms to get their movies released, which is predominantly happening with Digital Platforms. But the situation turns out to be bleaker for the Theatres as their business would be abruptly dropped down the line. This has apparently made some of them recognize the need of hour as TFPC is nowhere settling down with the adverse situation."

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Vishal's statement from TFPC's urgent press meet

As informed earlier, TFPC had organized for a press meet today, April 18. Speaking to the media, Vishal spoke about various topics related to the cap on movie ticket prices, flexible ticket pricing system, film release regulation system.

Vishal stated that all shooting will resume from this Friday, April 20. Also informed that the new flexible ticket pricing system will be categorized into three divisions based on the budget of the film. He has assured that no theatres will sell tickets more than ₹ 150. All the theatre owners' across the state have agreed to this resolution.

Vishal stated that a release regulation committee has been formed and the release dates of the films will be out soon after the discussion with all the producers that is likely to happen tonight after the press meet. TFPC has a list of films scheduled for release till March 2019.

Regarding the excessive salaries charged by top heroes, Vishal said, TFPC has arranged for a special meeting with all the actors including himself and topics related their salaries will be discussed during that time.

On Vishwaroopam 2 and Kaala's release, Vishal said, "As far as I heard, Kamal sir had planned to release Vishwaroopam 2 in the month of May. Now, we will decide with the producer and the release regulation committee and decide on the release date. Regarding Kaala, the producer will decide on the release date, and since they have co-operated to all our demands, we will see that the film gets released on the date the makers are planning for."

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Why theatre owners meeting got cancelled

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