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Theri trailer review

The two minute Theri trailer is almost an open window into the beautiful mansion that the movie is expected to be. We get an insight about all the characters involved, a clear idea of the plot’s premise and most importantly, a slight tease of Vijay’s style antics the movie is sure to be full of.

The trailer starts with Baby Nainika revealing Vijay’s first role in the film through her own words: “My father is Joseph, My mother is Joseph, My brother is Joseph...Everything in this world is Joseph to me!” It is probably safe to say that the plot involves a girl who has lost her mom and is being taken care of single handedly by her dad. Vijay as Joseph looks very western, sporting a pony tail and wearing the geek glasses, riding a bullet. Both Baby Nainika and Vijay make a very cute father-daughter pair and the plot is sure to have moments between the two which will make one go “So cute!!”

We get further insight into Joseph’s character when the trailer introduces Amy. Amy’s countenance in the film is also western, with a cute boy-cut accentuating her western features. She commandingly asks Joseph “Bible la enna solleeruku?” The way Joseph reacts to the question tells us that Vijay has played the role of an innocent guy. Further into the trailer we find Joseph with Amy in a lot occasions, suggesting a romance between them.

The second role of Vijay’s is that of the ultra stylish cop, Vijaykumar IPS. Radhika Sarathkumar has played Vijay's mom, and the trailer features a sequence where he is trying to convince his mom about a girl he has met. That's when the trailer introduces Samantha, ever lively and homely. Their romance looks fresh and fun. 'Love'ah solla vekka padravan, valavae vekka padravanga' is sure to belong to the Internet soon.

The Trailer slowly moves over to the serious part if the movie and introduces the antagonist Director Mahendran. The antagonists dialogue 'Nammoda saavu eppovume namaku valikaathu ana namaku nerukamanavunga saavu iruku paaru ' accompanies a scene where a school bus falls down a bridge. Does the plot kill Vijay's closed one? We have to wait and watch. How the director has linked the two protagonists is going to be really interesting to watch.

Finally the trailer showcases Vijaykumar IPS' ultra hot style antics. Gun slinging, staff swinging, the famous bubble gum routine, one could be sure there's more from the style package in the movie.
The ending holds a surprise with Vijay in a completely different appearance, one which we've rarely seen him in - crew cut.

Overall the trailer gives the satisfaction of watchin a movie and perfectly does the job of raising expectations. G.V.Prakash's trumpet holds the trailer together right from the beginning till the end and his music has gift wrapped the package for us.

If you have missed the trailer watch it here.

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Theri trailer review

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