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Vijay's THERI is a prequel to Shah Rukh Khan's FAN

On an international forum, Indian films can be mocked at for the portrayal of extreme heroism performed by the lead. But when given a more detailed view into our films, one understands what heroism has done to the audience and the concerned star. This weekend witnessed two diverse films directly and indirectly emphasising the hero worship factor in films. Theri in Tamil and Fan in Hindi are the two films that are being discussed.

Vijay starrer Theri is the tale of a sincere IPS officer and the problems that he faces due to his fierceness towards immorality. Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan emphasises on the fact how fanism is like a mirage, the closer you get to your star, it might vanish off for various reasons.

You may ask why these two films are being discussed under one topic! I would say, when given a slight creative edge to one’s thought, you can easily say Theri is a prequel to Fan. Surprised? I will decode it for you.

Theri is a film which can easily captivate the audience’s attention; the potential for the rate of conversion of a person being just a viewer to Vijay’s fan is high too. From the kind of lyrics he mouths in Jithu Jilladi praising the Police fraternity and giving out safety precautions by stating the importance to wear a helmet, to the instance where he throws the villains cigarette away p(smoking is injurious to your health), you see it as an important message that actor Vijay is saying. That’s where the character penned by Atlee, Vijay Kumar couldn't sadly overtake actor Vijay’s image. Through films like these only, the impactful idea of ‘Hero Worship’ starts off. With all that episodes here and there sending out social awareness messages, the film further adds on to the reasons for the above mentioned idea to be triggered.

Now that the fans have fallen for the idea, it leads to an identity crisis. Fans start aspiring to be the star they look up to or at least get closer to their beloved star. In this case, Vijay would have possibly made it to the walls of numerous personal rooms so that their demi god could be worshipped on a daily basis. In scenarios like these, a story similar to the one shown in SRK’s Fan might take place.

One cannot deny the fact that the star’s impact on the personal lives of fans are positive in terms of shaping their moral and lifestyle. But at the same time, nobody can deny the mystical illusion behind the image that the star takes on your mind. The star might not be as you presumed him to be. The whole life becomes like the one driven by a pseudo inspiration!

On a lighter note, it must be noted that this ‘good Samaritan’ behavior of actor Vijay only attracts a female like Samantha. So automatically one might assume that becoming a person like Vijay showcased in Theri, one might find a beautiful girl like Samantha. The apparent truth is that, one needs more to pursue a girl like Samantha brother *winks*

Though I am a movie buff myself, I do not want to give out any advice, but at the same time I do not want to cease from stating the fact and the real happenings. Analyze, understand and quantitate the efforts and energy you are spending as a fan. Let this not take over your core identity. Happy FANing folks!

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