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With the current situation of the pandemic reaching alarming levels in the country, it will be a while since normalcy resumes to our lives. Theatres and Malls in the country have been shut down since the 2nd week of March.

Theatre Owners place request to the TN Government for reopening

Meanwhile, there’s no update from the Government on when the theatres and malls will be open again for public use, once the lockdown is over. Tirupur Subramaniam, on behalf of the Theatre Owners Association of TN, has released a new statement, requesting the government to allow theatres to be functional from the 1st of June. They have also requested the Chief Minister and the government in considering a few important points for the welfare of Theatre Owners.

Speaking about the issues, Tirupur Subramaniam said “Our Honourable Chief Minister has said that May 25th or June 1st might be an ideal time for the theatres to be open for public. We have already faced a heavy loss because of Corona. Even after we open, people are not going to storm the theatres like they used to. It will still take a while for theatres to function like before.”

He also said “With the current scenario, we from the TN Theatre Owners Association request the Government to consider these requests. 1) To forfeit the operator licensing methods in the industry. 2) The renewal of the theatre license to be changed to 3 years once, instead of the current annual renewal. 3) To renovate the current theatres to smaller ones, the permission must be sought from the collector and the PWD department only. If this is implemented, the number of screens will increase in the state and will definitely help the film industry.”

“4) The Local Body Tax (LBT) to be cancelled. 5) When a new theatre is built, 10% land from the Entertainment Industry need not be given - this was actually said by the hon’ble Chief Minister Edapadi K Palanisamy. However, the order hasn’t come yet. We request the order also”, said Tirupur Subramaniam.

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