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The fitness regime and hard work of the Dangal daughters

Prior to the release of the recent blockbuster, Dangal, a video of Aamir Khan’s impeccable body transformation was doing the rounds and was motivating people to hit the gyms and get fit.  The film has now opened to majorly positive reviews and the performances of Aamir Khan and the girls who played Aamir’s daughters are being praised.

When Aamir’s fitness transformation video was at its peak of popularity, many people received it positively and some, negatively. But what was missed out were the efforts and dedication invested by the 4 girls. The 4 girls, out of which 2 of them played, young Geeta and Babita and 2 others played the older version of the girls, had invested a lot of energy and dedication and they underwent a major fitness and coaching regime but there was no hype or appreciation for this before the film and it was underplayed. The girls, who had no prior training in wrestling had to start afresh and went through training for 7-8 months before the shoot of the film had begun.They trained extensively for their roles and surprised everybody with their hard work.

They were trained by the coach of our Indian wrestling team, Kripa Shankar Bishnoi Beniwal. The girls were trained in such a way that their wrestling in the film would look authentic even though they cannot become wrestlers. The whole team of Dangal, needs to be saluted for making such a film.

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The fitness regime and hard work of the Dangal daughters

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