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Thala Ajith's important statement to his fans

Ajith’s philanthropy works are little known because he intends to keep it personal. ''Once I talk about it, it means publicity, and the purpose gets defeated,'' this was a statement given by Ajith Kumar a few years ago.


Many stars follow this practice of making a generous donation for a noble cause and announcing it in public so that more people come in forward to lend support. It is just two different approaches. But Ajith's way is to keep his welfare activities personal and not disclose details regarding the same.


Due to peer pressure, a section of fans expects Ajith to reveal details about his charity works. When we contacted his PR team to know more about the recent viral topic that Ajith had donated a huge sum towards the Delta relief fund, we got an official clarification statement from Ajith's team.


"I wish to clarify that any details regarding my philanthropic activities will be made only through my spokesperson or by the authorities through an official statement to the press. It is so disheartening to see such fake reports being spread online on sensitive issues."