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Suriya's official note on Anitha's suicide due to NEET exams

The unexpected suicide of Anitha, after fighting all the odds against NEET exam, has definitely made an impact in the lives of everyone in our state. Many leading celebrities including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Keerthy Suresh, RJ Balaji, G.V.Prakash, have already expressed their sorrow and disappointment over this issue.

The latest to join this list is, Suriya, who took to Twitter to post, "இன்னொரு அனிதா உருவாகக் கூடாது! நாம் கைகோப்போம் நம் குழந்தைகளின் கல்விக்காக!".

His tweet is roughly translated as, "There shouldn't be another Anitha in the society. Let us all join hands together for the education of our children."

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Suriya response to fans celebrations for his 20 years in the Film Industry

Actor Suriya completes 20 years in film industry. It has been a dream journey for him with a lot of ups and downs. His career has been an inspiration and hopes to many contemporary actors. He is one actor who has entertained us by delivering both commercial entertainers and experimental movies


Suriya fans have celebrated their stars big milestone, and Suriya thanked everyone on twitter, "The last 20 years of my Cinematic Journey was about attaining the unachievable. Yet you made it possible for me. Your applause .....! Your applause motivated me to raise my bar, your thumbs down helped me to learn better, your support drove me to go beyond cinema (Agaram Foundation) above all your love kept this engine chugging. Here I owe my life for the last 20 years of my travel and for the many more miles I need to make. Thanks one and all."


Behindwoods wishes Suriya a hale, healthy and a prosperous journey

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Suriya's official note on Anitha's suicide due to NEET exams

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