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Godavari Restaurant opens a new branch in Kansas City

Godavari, the ever-growing and famous South Indian restaurant chain in the United States, is now setting up shop in Kansas City with signature tastes, unmatched ambience and excellent Banquet facility.

Godavari Kansas City launches this weekend, further expanding its footprint and strengthening patronage across America. the restaurant is all set to woo desis with village theme and great food besides banquet.

Godavari Kansas City will be one of its kind with 150-seating capacity and providing a spacious Banquet Hall called "Pushkara". It is strategically located just a few miles from the corporate hub that houses Sprint Headquarters and a lot more.

“When we heard that "Godavari" is opening in Kansas City, we were very excited and spread the news and there is already a great buzz for this restaurant. We now wait eagerly to taste their food this weekend since we have heard a lot of great reviews about their food,” said Sandhya Reddy, a resident of Kansas City and software professional.

Godavari Kansas City will carry the same iconic village theme that is a signatory of Godavari, and will make you feel that you are sitting at your native village.

Godavari Kansas City will serve its "Palletooru" Buffet this weekend with tongue-popping dishes such as "Miriyala Gobi Vepudu", "karivepaku Mushroom Vepudu", "Golkonda Kodi Vepudu", "Mamsam Kati Rolls", "Pineapple Rasam", "Mamidikaya Sambar" and a lot more of them which you never tasted before.

“When we met the founders of Godavari, we immediately confirmed that we are going with "Godavari" in Kansas City as we could feel that positive vibe and great passion that these folks have towards food. The way they respond and their hard work mesmerized us and helped us to pursue our dream this quick. We are really amazed to be a part of Godavari family,” said Sudamsh, Vishwak and Nikhil, 28-year-old folks and franchise owners of Godavari Kansas City.

“Every location we launched this year was a crown jewel of our brand. We have many more lined up in Atlanta, Nashville, TN, Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles and many countries too. We are working so hard to bring in new recipes, new dishes and a lot more to Godavari. You will see and hear great things from us this year and in near future." said Koushik Koganti of Brand Godavari.

Call: 913-766-8590.

For details, contact:
Sudamsh Maroju

You can watch famous Telugu actor Benerjee say some great things about Godavari Columbus on this link:

Thanks again…. Hope you all enjoy our cooking….

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Godavari restaurant opens its new branch in Columbus

Godavari, the leading and the fastest-expanding South Indian restaurant giant in America, has set its foot in the city of Columbus, OH.

"Godavari" is now opening its new location in the city of Columbus, OH this weekend with great location and grand buffet.

Located on the Polaris Parkway and at a walking distance from the Chase Corporate Office that employees more than 6000 Workforce, Godavari Columbus can boast of a location enviable and strategic.

Apart from the grand location easily accessible for Indian diaspora in the vicinity, Godavari Columbus will have a huge seating capacity of around 150. The icing on the cake will be Godavari’s fledging full bar, "The Kallu Compund" that will serve authentic drinks such as "Kallu beer", "Chirala Special Champagne", "Rani Gari Rum-rita" and a lot more.

As a signature offering of the Group, Godavari Columbus too will let gourmets indulge in unlimited affair, thanks to the specialty buffet on the opening weekend with items not just limited to mouthwatering stuff such as "Velluli Kodi Biryani", "Pesara Garelu", "Kanchipuram Kadai Idly", "4G Annam" and "Bongulo Mamsam Vepudu".

"Team" Godavari is also opening new locations across the globe this year. "We have signed up to open at fine locations in Poland, Denmark and Sweden this year with a young team of entrepreneurs”.

“Apart from the authentic restaurants, we also ventured into the South Indian food truck - Spicy Salaa which is now gaining a lot of attention across the food lovers." says Koushik Koganti.

Murahari Paladagu, owner of Godavari Columbus says he is very excited to join the team and amused for the turnaround time for the opening this location by "Team" Godavari.

“We are also venturing into many sectors of South Indian food like vegetarian restaurants which will excite the south Indian food lovers. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all Godavari food lovers for making this chain one of the most wanted brands,” said Teja Chekuri, Co-founder of Godavari.

The fastest growing chain is all set to cast its spell in Europe besides making its mark mobile with Spicy Salaa food truck.

For more details:
Murahari Paladugu

It’s time to enjoy the lavish Godavari Lunch Buffet @

Godavari Columbus
1025 Polaris Parkway,
Columbus, OH 43240.
Ph: 614-854-0775.

Thanks again…. Hope you all enjoy our cooking….

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Godavari Restaurant opens a new branch in Kansas City

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