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Suriya on his character Athreya in the film 24

People who have been initiated into the happenings in K Town will know that Suriya is playing triple roles in 24 with the characters named as Athreya, Mani and Sethuram. As far as the information through promo materials goes, the character Athreya appears to be filled with grey shades. Although the film is said to be a sci-fi venture, looks like it is based on sibling rivalry as its core.

In an exclusive interview to behindwoods, Suriya has shared about Athreya and has also mouthed his dialogue. He says, “Director Vikram Kumar has etched Athreya with a lot of fondness. He had Athreya in him and I can say, he was oozing of Athreya. If a dialogue had to be told –ஒன்ன அப்படியே கட்டிப் பிடிச்சி முத்தம் குடுத்து குத்தி குத்தி கொலை பண்ணனும் போல இருக்கு (I desire to hug you tight, kiss you, stab you with a knife and kill). These shades make Athreya very very interesting. A character will be liked when he is intelligent. In that way, Athreya is intelligent, quick in thinking and stylish. It is an important character for me”.


The curiosity levels have been raised and we need to wait for one more week to catch up with Athreya, Mani and Sethuram. 

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Suriya on his character Athreya in the film 24

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