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Suriya is not the real hero of 24!

Suriya’s 24 which released recently (the 6th of May) has been receiving a lot of accolades all over the world and for me personally it was a brilliant piece to watch again and again to get myself thrilled through the adventurous journey of Sethuraman, Mani & Athreya.


Last week I saw a post featuring the role of the eagle in favour of Athreya. And this intrigued me to watch it once more to witness the movie. Watching the movie the second time helped me to view the movie with a different perspective and dimension.


Firstly, the intro scene shows the eagle pushing away the watchman who tries to connect two wires and in the climax scene Sethuraman connects those cut down wires to escape the gunshot from Athreya by freezing him.


The eagle’s feather that falls in the chemical gets reacted which when released by Sethuraman gives a huge success for his PROJECT 24, though Sethuraman was just 1% sure about it’s success.


The Eagle makes Athreya come out of coma through that hospital sequence which made Athreya pose against Mani to travel back days to bring back his dad (Sethuraman) & mom (Priya).


So these three major sequence of the film,


1. Success of Sethuraman's PROJECT 24

2. Sethuraman’s escape from Athreya’s gunshot

3. The idea of bringing back Sethuraman


All these turning point scenes were brought about by the eagle in favour of Sethuraman. Especially the reflection of eagle in the pool when Sethuraman throws away the watch gives you a clear vision that the eagle still follows Sethuraman to help him out.


And the other major thing to note is that the eagle plays a role of a guardian to the watch by taking its position whenever it is not working or not used.


So from all these analysis I feel the strongest of all characters is the Eagle and it symbolises the DESTINY of all other characters in 24.

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