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Anjaan, Jilla, 24 among movies that got trimmed after release

Suriya’s 24 which was released on 6th May had a total run time of two hours and forty four minutes. After the first day of screening,  reports stated that the makers of the movie decided to cut short the length by 11 minutes. It is not the first time that Kollywood is witnessing movies getting trimmed after release. In fact Suriya’s 2014 release Anjaan also got trimmed by 20 minutes after release. Jilla, Rummy, are among the other movies that also fell into the ‘trimmed’ list.

One thing that is evident from such activities is that the movie makers are conscious and sensitive to the reviews and reactions of a film’s early audience. That being the case it would be more apt to have a team of critics watch the movie before its actual release and work with them on this front? A lot of after release hassle and controversy can be avoided that way.

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Anjaan, Jilla, 24 among movies that got trimmed after release

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