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Suchitra's husband to make jokes on Suchileaks

Karthik Kumar, the husband of singer, actress and RJ Suchitra, is better known for his skills in stand-up comedy. He has performed in various shows all over the world and has received good responses for the same.

Post the controversy that took center stage almost a month ago, the couple had decided to take a break and settle down in the USA for a while. Today, on his social media pages, Karthik posted a short video informing us about his next comedy show.


In the video, KK imitates Joker (Batman) and says, ''Sitting in the USA, writing my new comedy special, releasing in September 2017! What is it about?'' and he pans the camera to his wife Suchitra, who is seated beside him and then brings the focus back to himself and says, ''Take a wild guess''.

It appears that Karthik is going to make jokes about the whole #SuchiLeaks controversy and clear the air as the issue's seriousness has subsided now. We will have to wait and see if these jokes receive a positive nod from the audience or not!

Suchitra's husband to make jokes on Suchileaks

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