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An overview of the Suchitra controversy

For the past two weeks, the most trending controversy has been the one involving singer, RJ, and actress Suchitra and many other celebrities. The issue has gone to a level where some stars have considered giving a police complaint on Suchitra. Let us have a look at how the controversy has traveled to reach the level it is currently at.

Going back to the start of the 3rd week of February, we saw a few offensive tweets from Suchitra's Twitter handle attacking a few celebrities which mainly included Dhanush. Everything ran helter-skelter in the forthcoming week, and there was a lot of confusion from all sides as to whether Suchitra's account was hacked or not. There was a clarification from her husband Karthik Kumar saying that the account was hacked and that the family was going through a lot of stress. After a few days of silence, there was a sudden outburst from the account when there were a lot of pornographic images and videos claiming to be of some actresses. Immediate clarification from the concerned actors saying that it wasn't them was also trending.

Suchitra finally came out and had revealed that she hadn't posted any of those tweets and it was hacked a long while ago, and she was advised by her lawyer not even to put a clarification tweet from her side. She had also informed that there are a lot of personal issues from her side for which she was forcibly taken to the hospital too.

Her account was finally deactivated, and it didn't take a long time for lots of other fake accounts to be created in her name with her original profile picture being used, and it has almost developed into a brand. Numerous accounts were created, and even those accounts started sharing obscene and indecent images and videos in Suchitra's name. In fact, all through this, there was a hashtag called #Suchileaks, which was invariably trending all over social media. The most atrocious part of this issue was the fact that a lot of youngsters were seen to be supporting #Suchileaks. It is sad that a significant number of underaged kids also get to view these and what is trending is not something that is advisable.

This controversy has affected the industry majorly, and it has also stolen the limelight from a lot of other societal issues which are waiting to be addressed. This is something that needs to be condemned, and it has to come to an end. We are all hoping that this will end soon because the attention that this issue has grabbed has crossed all boundaries.

Anirudh Sriraman

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