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For the past few days, Twitter was flooding with controversial tweets from the singer, RJ and actress Suchitra Karthik Kumar's official handle. The tweets were sarcastic shots fired on Dhanush and some other celebrities. This left her followers, and everybody else confused if her account was hacked.


Today, after almost a week, her husband Karthik Kumar who is also a stand-up comedian and actor has finally given a clarification on the whole issue. He has taken to his social media page to clear the air by saying, ''Good morning. The last few days have been very disturbing for us as a family as Suchi's twitter account was hacked. Today we have retrieved her account. All the tweets published last few days were not by Suchi and are completely false. I personally apologise to all the people concerned as I understand the stress it would have caused them. I request the media to show sensitivity and not sensationalise this. Thank you all for the support.''


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