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SS Rajamouli on films dedicated to Kattappa and Sivagami characters

Baahubali director SS Rajamouli was involved in a live Facebook chat conducted by the BBC. We bring some of the interactions.

Would we have films dedicated to the important characters of Baahubali such as Sivagami or Kattappa?
There were so many back stories which we had written for every character, those stories are not there in the film but they have a lot of drama and intense emotion. We are dying to narrate all those stories. We went into different medium to tell them. There is this novel Rise of Sivagami which is already out and is a bestseller. We are going to make web series and an animation series out of it. We are already making a virtual reality film based on the climax battle. The world of Baahubali will continue in different media. As a feature film, we have concluded it and we can’t extend it.


Is there a successor to the Kattappa character in any of your other projects?
We have not thought of anything as of yet. Kattappa might not have a successor, but in my films to come, there would be characters which would be as intense as Kattappa.

SS Rajamouli on films dedicated to Kattappa and Sivagami characters

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