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SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures talk about Joker

Cuckoo fame Raju Murugan’s second directorial Joker is all set to release on the 12th of August and the film has got the U certification from the Censors. Guru Somasundaram plays the lead in the film. We spoke to SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures who have bankrolled this project.


Birth of Joker
We were actually talking to Raju Murugan for a different script. But, nothing was satisfying for both of us and that’s when he took a short trip for six months. When he got back, he gave me this story. My brother read and found it very impressive. We felt we needed to do this film. That’s how Joker was born.


Who is Joker?
In our daily life, we encounter a lot of things with a mindset-why should we bother about this. Joker is about someone who is not like this and it also deals with why he is like that.

By and large nobody schemes to do wrong things; it happens inadvertently and is just a happenstance. Even when people are affected by a few misdeeds, they don’t pay much attention and traverse the situation without giving it a thought.

Joker is about a person who refuses to be ‘these’. You may find such people in every locality. We have narrated in a very practical manner the simple issues of village dwellers. When you see the film, you may recall someone like this.


Censor Feedback
Censor members appreciated the film. They seemed happy. The film’s duration is two hours and eight minutes.


Joker is an English word and you may not be able to avail the tax rebate. Your take
We did not much delve on this. Joker was the apt title and we could not get a relevant Tamil title. People are familiar with the word Joker and know its meaning. It also has an easy reach and a better recall value. So, we just went with it.


Joker is all set to release on 12th of August. We are glad that we got the right kind of release date and a good release window.


Best Wishes Team Joker!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures talk about Joker

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