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Dream Warrior Pictures SR Prabhu talks about Aruvi's Shanghai trip

SR Prabhu and SR Prakash of Dream Warrior Pictures have bankrolled a film called Aruvi directed by Arun Purushothaman. The film won appreciation in the Delhi Habitat Film Festival and was recently screened at the Shanghai international film festival too. Vasantha Balan’s Veyil and Arun Vaidhyanathan’s Achchamundu Achchamundu were the earlier Tamil films that were screened here. 


Prabhu talks to us after his Shanghai trip. “Aruvi was selected for the International Panorama section. It was one of the 13 films that were screened there. It was a great experience to have seen the film along with diverse audiences with varied sensibilities. And when they appreciate and enjoy our product, it feels nicer. The film connected to all the viewers. There were many participants from various countries across the globe. When we introduced our films, we realized that they are aware of the work that is going on here.

Aruvi has a new cast totally. It is a woman-centric theme and will speak about social anguish. I do not want to say much about it right now. After Shanghai, people have shown interest  in Aruvi and we want the film to travel to few international circuits before the theatrical release here.

Right now, we are busy with our film Joker. The good thing about Joker and Aruvi is although they talk about social elements, at the end of the day they are all entertainers”.

Aruvi has music of Bindu Malini and Vedanth Baradwaj and cinematography of Shelly Gaulist with Kutty Revathy’s lyrics.

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Dream Warrior Pictures SR Prabhu talks about Aruvi's Shanghai trip

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