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S S Rajamouli and Shobu on the Baahubali 2 release issue in Karnataka

While Baahubali 2 is all gearing up to hit the screens on the 28th April, it looks like there may be an issue in its release in Karnataka due to Sathyaraj’s statements in the Cauvery matter years ago, against Kannadigas. With regard to this, we had carried exclusive interviews in our portals.


Responding to the release issue, director S S Rajamouli states, “The saddest thing is people tend to think, it is a recent issue but it is not. Sathyaraj’s comments were nine years old. In the interim, there were many of his films released in Karnataka that includes Baahubali 1 too. Suddenly out of the blue, this issue has cropped up.


From our side, we don’t know the details, what Mr. Sathyaraj said and also the Kannadiga’s objections. And we are no way connected with it. It is a very sensitive issue and we don’t know what to talk about; whether our speaking the matter will pacify or instigate the issue further. We also don’t know if keeping quiet is the right thing or talking about it. We are in a confused state. The main thing is we are no way concerned with his statement because he is not the director, producer or the hero of the film. We feel turning the anger on Sathyaraj to Baahubali is not right”.


Producer Shobu said, “The release issue does not affect Sathyaraj in any way but only the film”.

S S Rajamouli and Shobu on the Baahubali 2 release issue in Karnataka

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