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S S Rajamouli fights against smoking

It is a known fact that when any good cause is endorsed by a popular face, its reach becomes fantabulous and the purpose is realized to a large extent.


We have known our film personalities taking up good initiatives and giving them their best, be it Swachcha Bharath Abhiyan or the education for the girl child or the pulse polio campaign or any such drive.


Now, for the latest, Baahubali director SS Rajamouli has taken upon the cause to fight smoking. In a video released, as part of a public service initiative, he asks ‘who is the hero of your life’ and after diverse answers from many, Rajamouli says, “You can be the hero of your life too” and states strongly, “One decision can make you a hero. Make a difference not just to your life, but also to your friends and family”.


With such a powerful video, there must be many who have already kicked the butt! You sure are a great hero Rajamouli!