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RJ Balaji reveals the reason for stopping 120 Rubai reviews

We all have heard the multi-talented actor, RJ Balaji’s ‘120 Rubai’ show on radio, which was based on reviewing the movies that release in theatres. It had a good audience and was a popular show but the radio jockey turned actor stopped the show abruptly. In an exclusive interview with Behindwoods, Balaji was asked why he stopped the show. He said:


In the last 5 to 10 years, people who work in BCCI or IPL have faced a problem called ‘conflict of interest’. Conflict of interest is where the same person, gets paid at two places to do two conflicting or contrasting jobs. When I was in radio alone, I was paid for that show which was about cinema. But when I’m getting paid to act in films, it would not be right if I review films. Moreover, just like my other shows ‘take it easy’, ‘cross talk’, this movie review show was also one of them.


Just like how those shows stopped or ended, this also would have ended anyways. Also, at that time there weren’t many reviewers. I was one of the few and hence my show was termed as unique and famous. But today, everyone has the medium to review films and anybody can share their view through the digital medium.

RJ Balaji reveals the reason for stopping 120 Rubai reviews

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