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Rakesh Gowthaman of Vettri Theatres talks about Theri's performance

We all know that Theri was released in Vetri Theatres (Chrompet) only on the 1st of May after the issues between the distributor/producer/exhibitors association got resolved. We spoke to Rakesh Gowtham of Vetri Theatres to know the performance of the film despite its late release.


How is Theri’s performance?
On the 1st of May loyal patrons of Vijay-Vetri cinemas completely booked the theatre and they were there to enjoy the show. Regular audience did not get any tickets on that day. From the next day onwards, family audiences have started coming. When I was observing the show, it was evident that they are all seeing the film for the first time. Response is very good and I would say it is above average for a film that is in its 3rd week.  


What are your plans for Theri once 24 hits the screens this week?
Theri will have two shows in the small screen. If we had released Theri on 14th April, its run would have been completed by now. Since Theri is doing well, we are in a kind of dilemma. Jungle book is holding well and Manithan is also doing a decent business. Besides that Captain America is releasing this week. But we only have 2 screens and don’t know how to accommodate all the films. We are reluctantly taking off Jungle Book shows. Now we will have 24 in the big theatre (4 shows), Theri 2 shows, Manithan 1 show and Captain America 1 show.

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Rakesh Gowthaman of Vettri Theatres talks about Theri's performance

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