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Sujith Vaassudev speaks about his debut film James and Alice

Papanasam cinematographer Sujith Vaassudev, debuts as a director with the Malayalam flick James and Alice that hits the screens on 5th May. The film features Prithviraj and Vedhika in lead roles. Sujith tells behindwoods what his film is all about:


James and Alice

There is no story as such in James and Alice. It is the recording of events in a couple’s life. When two people fall in love, they go through many lovable moments and are in a different frame of mind; everything is rosy then. However, after marriage, they get into a busy life, the path becomes rugged and the love slowly vanishes. There are ego clashes and uncompromising attitudes which snowball into a big blast. This is what we see around us.

I have shown these aspects in the life of James and Alice. A day comes when they decide to part ways. On this particular day, James wants to celebrate their daughter Pinky’s birthday by dining out. When Alice and Pinky wait for him at the restaurant, James meets with an accident.

What happens after this is the film all about. There is a suspense story post this event. They both realize what kind of life they have lived; comprehend where they had missed their love, their passion and where they had failed to strike a compromise.


Prithviraj and Vedhika

The story was with me for the past 5-6 years. I developed it and approached Prithvi. He liked it and came aboard. We searched a lot for our heroine as I wanted a new pair for Prithvi. I am glad that we chose Vedhika.

She is an extremely dedicated artist. She practiced a lot for this movie. The film required her to speak the dialogues very fast like a Malayali girl and more so when in anger. It will be difficult for non-Malayali girl to speak like that but Vedhika did a perfect job.


Did you find it difficult to direct and also to be behind the lens?

The films that I had cinematographed, I was always a part of the story discussion with directors. I had always taken upon as my  film. This practice helped me do this film. Besides, my associates were there to help me out. We shot action sequences with 12 cameras, which is huge for a Malayalam industry.

Now, direction or cinematography?

Of course cinematography first. I will direct definitely when good scripts come.

When will you come to Tamil?

Nobody called me in Tamil. I thought after Papanasam I would be in Tamil industry (Laughs). Of course, I got a couple of offers but they did not appeal to me.


I have two or three projects for cinematography lined up. I also have a couple of stories ready to be made into a script. I have to sit together with the writers to firm up. As of now they are in Malayalam but I would definitely like to work in Tamil.


Wish you the best Sujith with James and Alice!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Sujith Vaassudev speaks about his debut film James and Alice

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