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Rajamouli reveals Prabhas dieting regime for Baahubali 2

The team of Baahubali 2 had an interactive session with the students of British Film Institute, where director Rajamouli revealed an interesting dieting pattern of Prabhas, the lead hero of the Baahubali franchise.

SSR said, "Whatever diet they followed, I left it to them. I didn't put them on any diet, but I will tell a funny incident about Prabhas. Once in a month, they will have a cheat meal day; that's a part of their regime because you're dieting continuously. On that day, you should see the kind of display he has. 10 - 15 kinds of biriyanis, just biriyanis. No exaggeration. You don't even know those kinds of biriyanis even exist. Varieties of fish, chicken, mutton, and not just curries, even fries. You can't just imagine the kind of display he has.

We played football that day until 2 AM, and after finishing the game, he came and sat down to eat with all the varieties of food displayed in front of him. Prabhas asked his brother in law, where is the chutney. And then, he went to his home, woke up his wife at 2 AM, made the chutney and brought it to the spot. Prabhas first ate that and continued eating only after that. So, that is Prabhas for you."

Rajamouli reveals Prabhas dieting regime for Baahubali 2

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