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New show for differently abled community at SPI Cinemas

Among the theatres in Tamil Nadu, SPI Cinemas has always been a pioneer when it comes to innovations. Right from concepts like Blind date, to Do Not Disturb shows, the organisation has always ticked the right boxes. Today, a new venture has been started by them, called as SENS Show. This is introduced in order to cater the needs of the differently abled community and make movies exclusive to all.

SPI Cinemas took to social media to announce this exciting and socially-aware project. "Everyone deserves to watch a movie.

Movies have the power to make us dream, help us listen to unheard voices and experience the world like never before!

What if we made it more inclusive?

For the first time in India, we’re delighted to bring to you - SENS, A Special Show For Special Minds.

A sensory friendly show curated for individuals with special needs, SENS provides a unique movie experience where sound levels are turned down for delicate ears and the lights are turned up.
There will also be a gluten free, sugar free and casein free menu available at our concessions!" 
said the post from the theatre group.

This is indeed a very heartwarming move by SPI cinemas to make movies inclusive to all sections of the society.