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Kalam music director Prakash Nikki talks to us about his projects

Remember the famous melody track ‘Maalai Mangum Neram’ from Jiiva - Shreya starrer Rowthiram? It was among the most popular tracks of 2011. But not many know the music director of that song. Behindwoods gets in touch with Prakash Nikki, the man behind Rowthiram’s music who talks about his second Tamil film release Kalam.

Why a big gap of 5 years between Rowthiram and Kalam?

I wanted to give quality music and the offers I have been getting were not quite challenging. To me the script needs to be different and it should have a good scope for music. I couldn’t find a better script would be the reason for the 4 years gap after the Telugu version of Rowthiram.

You could have cashed in on big with ‘Maalai Mangum Neram’?

Yeah ‘Maalai Mangum Neram’ was a big hit, but not many know it was me who composed the track. Even today people come to me and say that was the composed by a famous X or Y or Z. I’m not sure why my name wasn’t established as quite the song did.

Tell us something about Kalam’s soundtrack ?

Kalam has 3 tracks ‘Anuvai Philanthaai’ which has lyrics penned by Kabilan Vairamuthu while Shweta Mohan and Abhay Jodhpurkar back the vocals. Then you have a promo track ‘Puthu Puthu’ which is a mix of varied flavors. And finally the soft melody song ‘Maayam Kaana Vaaraiyo’. Kalam should be a pleasing album and I hope it gets a good reach.

And about the background score?

I hope I have given only what the script requires. It will have silence when it needs and the score will travel along with the film and not overshadow it.

How confident are you with the overall output of Kalam?

Very confident, it is a different genre, something very new for the Tamil audience. A bunch of young talented team has joined hands for this project. It is a horror thriller and like all films, some section of the audience might compare it with a few western films, but the film has its unique charm and it is fresh in its own way.

Behindwoods wishes Prakash Nikki the best in all his future endeavors!

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Kalam music director Prakash Nikki talks to us about his projects

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