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Indian author S.P.Chari files case against Rajamouli's Magadheera

The makers of Magadheera filed a legal case against the Hindi film Raabta, claiming that the film is a copy of their product. While that issue is yet to be settled down, another issue has popped up.

Popular Indian author S.P.Chari has filed a petition in the Hyderabad Civil Court claiming that Magadheera is a copy of his novel, Chanderi, for which they haven't credited him. He has apparently requested the makers now to credit him for the film's story as he owns the copyright.

Reportedly, S.P.Chari has told, "My novel, Chanderi is inspired by the legend of Hardoul and Indumati who lived in the Chanderi and Orchathe kingdoms of Madhya Pradesh around 400 years ago. The lovers commit suicide by jumping from the top of a hill because of Hardoul's brother who doesn't let them get married. They are reborn in Andhra Pradesh and get united. The makers of Magadheera merely changed the names of the lead characters to Harsha and Indira and the antagonist's character was tweaked and shown as a cousin of Indira.".

No official statement has been released regarding this, from the Magadheera team yet. Stay tuned, and we will update more on this issue.

Indian author S.P.Chari files case against Rajamouli's Magadheera

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