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Hiphop Tamizha’s Meesaya Murukku title song review

Music composer Hiphop Tamizha’s debut film as an actor is Meesaya Murukku. The music based college love story starring Hiphop himself, has created a good buzz with it’s trailer, single tracks and a number of fresh faces that add the youthful energy required for an entertaining film.

The latest release from the Thani Oruvan composer is the title track of the movie Meesaya Murukku. It features Kharesma. The song has a lot of interesting elements. It is based on the struggle and life of Hiphop Tamizha who hails from Coimbatore. The lyrics by Hiphop centre around the growth of his brand which started from scratch.

It has a very catchy tune and the beat is energizing. Kharesma’s voice is also well utilized and blended with the raw and loud vocals of Hiphop Tamizha. It is an inspirational track with minimal use of instruments. There is a good use of his usual electronic music and autotune takes the front seat.

But the surprise element comes towards the end of the track. Hiphop has mentioned a lot of independent artists and rappers’ names at a glance. He says that he loves all of them for their work and respects them and this, coming from a well established composer like him who has got the pulse of the audiences, is very appreciable.

Starting from Yogi B, Natchatra, Psycho Unit, Madurai Souljour to Lady Kash and ADK, he has gone on to list down all those talented independent rappers and artists out there. In fact, the theme of the movie Meesaya Murukku is touted to be about the rise of an independent musician and hence a tribute to all those who have made it from the bottom. Kudos to Hiphop Tamizha for giving credit to all these artists through his refreshing title track. A commendable gesture indeed.

Hiphop Tamizha’s Meesaya Murukku title song review

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