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Karu Pazhaniappan slams Hiphop Tamizha for asking people to go home

Director Karu Pazhaniappan slashed Hiphop Tamizha after having watched his video from last evening and also his press meet video regarding Jallikattu.


The director, in his video said,“Nobody asked Hiphop Tamizha before the protest and it is completely carried out by the people. The people have stood up for their rights and protested in a calm and peaceful way. Hiphop Tamizha is nobody to ask them to stop protesting now, as they will stop only when they wish to. They have not yet got their final word from the government and they will stop their protest only when that is resolved. This could happen any time and if Hiphop Tamizha is done with his protest, he can quit but the people will not stop unless they decide the moment has come.


Karu Pazhaniappan claims that, world over, this movement has become one that is talked about and finally, Tamizh people have decided to stop heeding to the government and to it’s ways that don’t support them and their culture. They have started asking for what they deserve and nobody can ask them to stop what they have started.