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Guru Somasundaram on the positive response for his film Joker

Director Raju Murugan’s second directorial Joker hit the screens on the 12th of August and the film has been receiving good response from the critics and the audience alike.


The lead Guru Somasundaram in an exclusive chat with behindwoods shares his happiness and much more.


Congrats! Did you expect this kind of a response?
I am both surprised and happy. I never expected this sort of an overwhelming positive response. I was a little apprehensive initially and was prepared for a mixed feedback too. I am glad that it has been liked by people.


Who from the industry congratulated you?
Directors Dharani and Ranjith appreciated my work and the film.


The audience and the industry look up to you as a meaningful performer whose films are a little serious. How do you see this? Would this be a pressure on you?
I don’t much think of these aspects and hence they are not issues for me. Even otherwise, I am not against doing commercial films, but even in that, there should be a proper story. Of course, it depends on the writer and director. I do get commercial films and roles and I take them up if the story excites me.

After Aaranya Kaandam, I started getting aged roles because people thought I was an old man. In Joker, if there had been just portions of the President role, I would have got myself into the same predicament and people would come to me with similar kind of roles. But the flashback segment has shown I am young and this, I expect, would fetch me younger roles too.


I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to media for having taken the film thus far. They have promoted Joker big time. I would also like to thank my producers S R Prabhu and S R Prakash Babu who have been instrumental in making the film get a wider reach, enabling the audience to come to the theatre on the very first day. This has initiated a positive word of mouth and good feedback in social media. Now more people would start flocking to the theatre to watch the film.


Upcoming project
I will be working in Vedhalam Sollum Kadhai to be directed by Ratheendran with Ashwin Kakumanu as my co-star. I am the Vedhalam in the film and my character will be of supernatural and caricature types.


We wish you the best Guru Somasundaram!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Guru Somasundaram on the positive response for his film Joker

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