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Gayathri Raghuram eliminated from Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is half the way on its successful journey. The first season has got a great reception now and it has been the most viewed content on TV lately. There have been eliminations and new entrants keeping Bigg Boss interesting. there have been 3 new entrants in the last 10 days, but who got eliminated this week?


Gayathri, one of the most popular participant got eliminated today. It was an expected elimination, as Gayathri herself wanted to leave the show. There was an unusual exit conversation, from the usual discussion with Kamal Haasan. Yes, the host made viewers interact with Gayathri and most of them fired their honest questions. Gayathri took them sportively and answered them with patience. One of the interesting interaction from a Teacher was applauded by the rest of the viewers when she spoke to Oviya's originality won her lot of fans. In another question about missing Oviya, Gayathri said, it was not just viewers, even the Bigg Boss house missed her very much after her exit.


Gayathri Raghuram eliminated from Bigg Boss

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