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Live updates from Thalapathy Vijay's Mersal audio launch

The much-awaited day has finally arrived. Yes, we are talking about the audio launch of Vijay's Mersal, directed by Atlee and produced by Thenandal Studios Limited. Watch out this space for the live updates of the event. 


09:33 pm | The much-awaited speech of the day is finally here. Yes, here we present you what Vijay had spoken at the audio launch of Mersal, directed by Atlee.


Even before Vijay could start speaking, fans went crazy, and the whole auditorium erupted with the star's presence. After a few minutes of continuous cheers, Vijay started his speech. He said, "Thank you nanba (fans). I'd like to thank Hema ma'am and Murali sir for making Mersal as their hundredth film. The man who made everyone Mersal after winning the Oscar has composed music for this Mersal. It was so pleasant to his songs. Atlee, I haven't told this anywhere else. Thank you so much for Theri. I admire his confidence. This is the first film for cinematographer G.K.Vishnu, but it didn't seem like his first film. My biggest thanks to all the technicians who have worked in the film.


Don't think that I'm advising. I am not a big person, and I am also not good at it. Many people ask me how I handle the negativity that is targeted at me, and I suggest,  the simple way to handle the negativity is to ignore it. We shouldn't react to unwanted things. Vendam nanba. They wouldn't leave us that easily. Everyone will torture us from various sides, but we have to manage that. Appo than life jolly ah irukkum. Illana bore adikkum. If you stay true to your heart and be caring to all, even if that is ten people, they will stay true to you.


Only these two things will define you as a person. Your determination when you're nothing; your attitude when you have everything. Nanba, if my stories are useful, you can take it as a lesson. If not, you can leave it as such. Now well, what can I tell about my own film? Fine, I'd tell one punch now, having due faith and belief in Atlee.


Thuppakki na Thotta Irukkanum

Kaththi na sharp ah irukkanum
Theri na thenavatta irukkanum
Mersal na mirattal ah irukkanum


Thank you nanba! Thank you all"


09:02 pm | Music Performances got over. An AV for Atlee is played. Atlee is on stage now.

Atlee: Mersal happened only because of one person, Ungal Vijay. I got this film only because of Vijay Sir and I am very thankful to him for that. This film demanded more effort than my previous films. heri had 5 action blocks, this will have 15 action blocks here. No Chance, Vijay Sir's hard work cannot be matched by anyone. I don't think I will find another producer like TSL, I will definitely do another film them. If you ask any director who should be your music director, they will say Rahman Sir and my dream is realised now.


Vijendra Prasad Sir used to say that SS Rajamouli is his one son and I am his another son. When I asked him, Why Kattappa killed Baahubali, he replied in his witty style "Give me 150 Crores, I will answer". He is such a fun person. He first narrated a love story to me, a better story than what I would script at the age of 70. Everyone says, Mersal has 3 Vijay's, they said the same for Theri too, but only I know the story of Mersal. I'm not going to reveal whether there will be 3 Vijay's, but there are 3 heroines.


Vadivelu's character will be an emotionally driven apart from comedy. You can witness back the Amaithi Padai Sathyraj in Mersal... Sema nakkala mass'ah irukkum. Raja Rani talked about love after love failure, Theri talked about how the society changes based on how a father bring their children and Mersal will speak about reinventing our old culture and living style.


08:36 pm | Rahman's performance is going to start now. Drums Sivamani is showcasing a Mersal performance. They start with Aalaporan Thamizhan.


08:16 pm | Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal on stage now.

Kajal: Vijay is a magician not just onscreen, but as well as off the screen.

Samantha: Given a choice, I'd love to do all the three heroine characters in the film.


08:03 pm | SJ Suryah on stage now.

SJ Suryah: I worked with Vijay long back in Kushi. But even now he is very kind and also attends all my films audio launches. He is there always when I needed him. I want his crowd (fans) to be used in a different way (hints the political angle). Vijay plays 3 roles and one role is Mannin Maindhan (People's man), that itself is enough to win peoples hearts. 


Atlee narrated the script in 3 hours, Mass pinnitaaru. I decided it will be a sure shot. If a mad Vijay fan wants to direct Vijay, that should be none other than Atlee. Mersal is going to create the biggest collection record in the film industry.


07:53 pm | Dance show, A Tribute dance for Vijay Fans. Fans show cell phone torch wave in the Auditorium. Vijay gets up and shows the torch from his mobile to the Fans. Fans are having fun and the atmosphere is crazy.


07:50 pm | Lyricist Vivek on stage.

Vivek: Thanks for making Aalaporan Thamizhan a big success. Marina protest is one reason to frame this song based on Jallikattu. Atlee has Thamizh affection. Myself participated in the Jallikattu protest. Even Vijay Sir participated the protest at Marina. I too shared Vijay sir's Jallikattu message video.


07:41 pm | Baahubali fame Vijendra Prasad on stage.

Vijendra Prasad: I have been writing scripts for 20 years, but never wrote one in Tamil. I used to wonder, why that never happened and realised everything happens for a reason. My entry was on hold for the right chance and what better launch I can for.


07:34 pm | Technical Team are invited now.

GK Vishnu: Thanks is a very small word, I don't know how to thank director Atlee for giving me this opportunity. 


07:20 pm | Sundar C: I'm jealous about Atlee. It took me 25 years to work with AR Rahman, but he did in a very short time. Vijay is one of the main reason for Sanghamitra to happen. The core idea for Sangamitra struck when I went to narrate a story to Vijay. vijay had asked to develop the script and it took a totally different shape now.


07:10 pm | Rahman is expected to perform live in some time. Master Vaishnav Girish is on stage now to sing a song for Rahman. He sings Uyire from Bombay.


07:08 pm | Dhanush: Silence is a lethal weapon and I know the power, only because of Vijay Sir.


07:05 pm |  Dhanush: This team demands such a grand function. I have come here as a Vijay Sir friend. Vijay Sir, Thozhu'la kai pottu pesuvaru, Kai poda vittum pesuvaaru.


07:04 pm | Dhanush on stage now. Anchor says Dhanush canceled his appointments to come for Vijay and Rahman.


07:01 pm | Murali: Vijay invited me once and asked if we can do a movie. I asked him if he was serious and he replied that he expressed what he felt, but I can take a decision. I agreed immediately and asked him who is the director. vijay replied Atlee. Atlee suggested AR Rahman during our preliminary discussions. We approached Rahman and he liked the script. Everything fell into place after that.


06:59 pm | Hema Rukmani: Mersal Mersal'ah (best output) vandirukku and Atlee sedhikirukaru (carved). Wish to Vijay once again for a project.


06:52 pm | An AV for Thenandal Studio Limited is played now. An AV for Thenandal Ramanarayanan is played next.


06:45 pm | Abirami Ramanathan: We made Vijay live 25 years before and now he is making us live. He added Vijay will soon win an Oscar. Rohini Pannerselvam is on stage next.


06:40 pm | Parthipan says Trump would say Vijay is the best CM in the world. CM means Collection Mannan in his witty style. He thanks Vijay for giving an official press note for the recent social media abuse controversy.


06:38 pm | Dhanush enters the Auditorium. Greets and hugs Vijay, Crowds go crazy. Parthipan is on stage delivering his speech.


06:30 pm | AR Rahman medley songs are performed.


06:15 pm | The cast and the crew are invited. AR Rahman, Atlee, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal, Producers Murali, Hema Rukmani, Art Director Muthuraj, Lyricist Vivek are on stage. Vijay is seated down. Expected to go up during his speech.


05:30 pm | Vijay arrives, He waits at the reception and receives the VIP's who are attending the event


12:00 pm | Vijay Fans throng Nehru Indoor Stadium 6 hours before the event. Grand Celebrations with big flex boards and crackers are seen



Live updates from Thalapathy Vijay's Mersal audio launch

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