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Women Woman is one of the most popular and loved character from DC comics. The character got life from the 2017's film 'Wonder Woman'. The film was a great success and it received one of the best review from the DCEU film series which started with 2013's Man of Steel.

Gal Gadot's next, Wonder Woman 1984 first look poster is here

'Wonder Woman 1984' is title of the sequel film which is expected to showcase more of Princess Diana life's adventures and heroic experiences. The first look poster of the film has been released and it looks dashing in a colorful and vibrant background.

The splash of colors is probably to signify the 80's feel to it or just to come out of the 'too dark' title DC films have earned in the past. Either way, the poster looks amazing. The classic Wonder Woman costume has been changed in this poster, but there are some pictures with the original costume from the shooting spot.

Legendary music composer Hans Zimmer is composing for this film. The release of the film is expected exactly one from now. Gal Gadot, the director Patty Jenkins and the crew have expressed their excitement for the film through their Twitter accounts. It is obvious they are not the only ones who are excited for the film. The film is set to release on June 5th 2020.