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Patty Jenkins will be directing Wonder Woman's sequel

By the time DC's Wonder Woman, distributed by Warner Bros released in 2017, talks about its sequel had come up. The film was a massive success regarding box office collections as well as the critical acclaim. It was one of the highest grossing films of the year in the USA and performed very well in the Indian box-office as well.

Now, the team is planning a sequel to the movie which will be set in the 1980s. Patty Jenkins, who directed the first part, will be returning to helm this film as well. It is also reported that she will be earning around $7 million, making her the highest paid female director. Geoff Johns will be teaming up with Patty Jenkins once again to co-write the script, while Patty will also be a part of the production team, which will allow her to gain a share in the film's financial gross.

Gal Gadot has already signed the film and meanwhile, she will will appear in the Justice League movie, which is expected to hit the screens in November this year!

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Wonder Woman banned in Lebanon

Gal Gadot starrer, Warner Bros' Wonder Woman, is all set for a worldwide release tomorrow, 2nd June. Just before it's release, there has been a slight setback for the team. Read ahead, to know more!

Reliable reports suggest that the film has been banned from releasing in Lebanon. It was done to boycott the supporters of Israel-Lebanon by the Lebanese group Campaign. This is because, Gal Gadot, the lead actress is apparently an Israeli and a former soldier in that country’s army.

Otherwise, in the rest of the countries, the release will be as per plan.