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From fat to fit, Aamir Khan’s Dangal experience

Aamir Khan, the most dedicated actor of India is known for setting outright, tough goals for each of his films and breaking them with a tougher task subsequently. But this time he has gone that extra step for his upcoming Dangal. He plays the character of Mahavir Singh, ex-wrestler who was forced to give up wrestling due to lack of financial support.

The character required him to reduce weight and then become fat which he could’ve, but he chose the harder route. He decided to become fat and then shred it all for the younger version, which is basically “fat to fit”. The reason he quoted shows how much he loves the art.


He said, “If I had finished the film fat I wouldn’t have had a motivation to become fit again and also subsequent films will take time. Even moving around was so difficult with so much extra weight but I had to train and wrestle with the fat. Such is the dedication of this man, Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan’s fat percentage was 38 and his body weight a meaty 97 kilograms at the end of his weight gaining process. He shed it down to 18% with great difficulty and then hit a meagre 9.7% body fat percentage by the end of Dangal’s shoot.


The director, Nitesh Tiwari who was spellbound says that it took a very strict diet to reduce so much fat in a short span of time and nobody could’ve pulled it off like Aamir did. His workout schemes cannot even be explained, and so does his level of determination towards every character he picks. After all, he is Aamir Khan for a reason.


Akash Premkumar

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From fat to fit, Aamir Khan’s Dangal experience

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