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DoP Aravinnd Singh talks about Aarathu Sinam

Aarathu Sinam is the Tamil remake of the Malayalam film Memories and is directed by Arivazhagan. The film features Arulnithi and Aishwarya Rajesh with Thaman’s music.  

Aravinnd Singh, the DoP of Demonte Colony has cinematographed Aarathu Sinam too and we talk to the young lensman.


"Aarathu Sinam is the most demanding script I have done. It was very hectic. We were given 40 days to complete the shoot. Since the script had a lot of location changes and set changes with many artists, it was demanding in that sense. We shot at a lightning speed. 90% of the shoot was done in Chennai and the remaining in Madurai.

Ever since I saw Eeram, I became a fan of director Arivazhagan. I got to know Arivazhagan through Arulnithi and it was Arulnithi who referred me to the director. It was wonderful working with him. He is such a visually oriented person and ensures that the cameraman gets his due recognition. That way, I had a lot of creative freedom and he gave me space to experiment. Arivazhagan is one of the great directors to work with for any DoP.

My strength is lighting. Every frame you watch, it will make sure that the audience will get into the mood of the character. I light up for the character. That character experience will be unique. I also retain the actors’ natural skin tone. Once that is retained, it will result in rich visuals."


Aarathu Sinam hits the screens tomorrow, the 26th February.


DoP Aravinnd Singh talks about Aarathu Sinam

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